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God's Heart for you today as a transformative woman

Updated: Aug 2

God's Heart for you as a Transformative woman, The Transformative Woman, Transform Network
The Transformative Network | The Transformative Woman | The Transformed Woman


So I am laid down in bed nursing my 3 months old daughter and for some reason, I start to think very differently about all my expectations and things I’ve been trusting God earnestly for. Where I typically would have been worried and trying to do things in my own strength to make things happen, all I am doing right now is thanking God because He can 100% be trusted.

In this moment, I know without any doubt that the heart of God is to see me flourish. I have come a long way from where I was. I know He has made me blossom, I am flourishing but I am not even close to where He’s taking me. The rate at which I have flourished with reference to my past is a testament of His faithfulness and fulfilment of His promises that He will do more than I can ever think or imagine.

You would agree that there are countless times that God has moved mountains for us, uprooted people and put helpers in positions to help us. There were battles that we didn’t even have to fight because He went before us and backed us. There were the battles that we were victorious in because He was with us, the many unspoken victories and success stories that we can only credit to God, the miracles we sometimes take for granted by not acknowledging or seeing God in them; My daughter likes to call them “ daily little miracles ”.

The really awesome thing is that, no matter where we are and whatever season we find ourselves in, we are still in His hands and His promises still stands, He never fails, He never has and He’s ever so faithful so He won’t stop at where we are now.

And so, as we begin this month of August looking at God's Heart for you as a Transformative woman, I want you to know and remember that;

  • When He says He will give you the Nations, you must hold on to it. When He says you are the Head and not the tail, He means it.

  • When He says He will keep you in perfect peace, He means it.

  • When He says you are like a tree planted in the streams of water and your leaves won’t wither, He absolutely means it.

  • When He says you yield your fruit in due season and whatever you do will prosper, best believe He means it.

  • When He says He is your ever present Help in times of trouble, He means it.

  • When He says He will Bless you, Keep you and cause His face to shine upon you, He means it.

  • When He says He will make of you a great Nation, bless you and make your name great, Oh you better believe it!

I remind you of all this just to say, whatever you have got on your mind now, whatever your reality is at this minute, you’ve got to remember all that He’s done and brought you through, just trust in Him and hold on to His promises like your life depends on it.

In the meantime, here are five things I would like you to practically do:

  1. Let go of any anger, resentment, unforgiveness or offence

  2. Refresh your memory for all that He has asked of you or instructed you to do that is pending…

  3. Obey- be obedient and start doing what he asked 1 step at a time

  4. Praise - praise Him and maintain a heart of gratitude

  5. Share - by forwarding to that person that needs be encouraged


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