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Our mission:

To prepare, propel and position women to achieve the purpose for which they were created and live a wholesome life, continuously developing and transforming through every season of life.

Being a woman in this dispensation requires that a woman understands that in order to fulfil the purpose for which one was created, you must understand the times and seasons of your life and have the spiritual poise and agility to be able to start out, build momentum, thrive, pivot and evolve as seasons require you to.

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Confident Woman

Our Approach

We are particular about giving a well-rounded experience that is wrapped around your individual self-consciousness and your authentic individuality.

Our process involves building you up to a place of spiritual alignment and boldness to be who you were created to be and for the purpose you were created.

Our Why:

We realise that modern-day women often find themselves in positions whereby they have a vision for themselves be it personally or professionally, for their family, health & wellbeing, career, business, as leaders and many more intricate areas.

Today women are pioneers, doing things that have never been done before or by anyone in their generation, breaking boundaries in several industries, changing the game and removing the limitations on what society says a woman can be and should be.

While all these great things happen, journeying is something a woman should not have to walk alone or without being cheered on and encouraged at every key stage or season of one’s life.

You would often find that if you are going through a season in life, it’s either there’s someone who has gone through it before that may be able to support you or you are getting built up to be able to support people who would go through it. Therefore, we have established this community.

Journeying through life and thriving through it takes a lot of courage to show up every day, strength to continue and grace to finish well. What is also key is having the knowledge and understanding of our seasons and having the ability and agility to pivot wisely.

Our commitment is to walk with you through your journey of self-actualisation, alignment to God’s purpose for you and thriving though fulfilment of purpose.


Notes from our founder:

Having gone through years of peer-to-peer mentorship and coaching and being part of several small communities of women, some similar traits became apparent to our founder, Bukola Olumofin.

Some of the key patterns were women feeling either self-disqualified or disqualified by their network, little or no clarity or understanding of their purpose, misalignment in their path and or network they are surrounded by.

Having been through these feelings herself in the past and coming to an understanding of how God brought her through it, Bukola got a strong conviction that God brought her through it all for a reason and such a time as this.

In a season of incubation that for a moment seemed like isolation, she arrived at a point of discernment of divine strategies that God had used to prepare, propel, and position her for this moment and the practical processes that had to happen to thrust her to the fore. These processes are transferable and will be used to equip you to be the transformative woman that you are called to be. The expectation is that this yields a multiplied effect that will both transform you and equip you to be a transformative agent that impacts and changes lives.

We are committed to our community, giving you real life connections, coaching, guidance, encouragement, enrichment, and soul nourishment through every season of life.

Thank you for letting us serve you, inspire you, prepare, position, and propel you to be who you were created to be and fulfil the purpose for which you were created, the woman that shows up with courage, continues with strength and finishes gracefully.

The Transformative Woman.


Bukola Olumofin

Founder & Program Coordinator

Busola Olamuyiwa

Life Coach and Psychologist

Confident Woman

Temi Ojo

Health and Well Being Coach

Pastor Tosin Ibrahim

Parenting Coach

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